Program Office

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/SB)
1864 4th Street
Bldg 15 Rm 225
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Toll Free: 1-800-222-0336
Fax: (937) 255-2219

SBIR/STTR Points of Contact

AF SBIR/STTR Program Office

David Shahady Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Manager
Cynthia Bryant Technical Advisor/Program Deputy Manager
James Sweeney Air Force CRP Program Manager
Heather Gudorf Business and Operations Manager
Oswaldo Delacruz Infrastructure and Communications Manager
Marilyn Jankowski Air Force SBIR/STTR Financial Manager
David Murphy Air Force SBIR/STTR Project Manager (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
Timothy Anderl Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (MacAulay-Brown, Inc)
Lori Hughes Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
Joe Cogliano Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
Eric Woldt Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
David Pope Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
Tomi Emmerick Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Management Support (Peerless Technologies Corp.)
Katie Duffy Air Force SBIR/STTR IT Project Manager (Ventech Solutions)
Marg Schulenberg Air Force CRP Support (BRTRC)

AFRL Technology Directorates

Barbara Scenters Aerospace Systems (AFRL/RQOB)
Angela Harris Aerospace Systems - West (AFRL/RQOF)
Angela Cochran Directed Energy (AFRL/RD)
Chakila Tillie AFOSR SBIR/STTR Program Coordinator
Mague Medina Space Vehicles (AFRL/RV)
Jennifer Brown Human Performance (711 HPW)
Janis Norelli Information (AFRL/RI)
Deborah Shaw Materials & Manufacturing (AFRL/RX)
Shirley Schmieder Munitions (AFRL/RW)
Julie Harris Sensors (AFRL/RY)
Nichelle Jones Sensors (AFRL/RY)

Air Force

William McCluskey Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Element Monitor (SAF/AQR)
William Harrison AFRL/SB Director

Air Force Sustainment Center

Christopher Mance Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC/ENSI)
John Jusko Ogden ALC (AFSC/ENRB)
Frank Zahiri Warner Robins ALC (AFSC/ENRB)

Air Force Test Center

Doug Hoffelt Air Force Test Center (AFTC/XPR)
Ramsey Sallman 96th Test Wing (96TW/XPT)
Abraham Atachbarian 412th Test Wing (812TSS/ENTI)
William Mallory Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC/TSTY)

Other Participating Organizations

Sherry Goodman Air Force Medical Support Agency
Joseph Wander Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)
William Macbeth Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)
Shawn Patterson F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

Product Centers

George Woodworth Acquisition Program Manager
Anna Castillo Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC/XZIE)
Angelica Rubio Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC/XZIE)
Timothy Locke Space and Missile Systems Center

SBIR Commercialization Readiness Program (CRP) Transition Agents

Anthony Androsky AFNWC and AFTC (BRTRC)
Christopher Bock AFRL - RI & AFOSR (Peerless Technologies)
Lance Chenault AFSC - Robins (ABDA, Inc.)
Walter Fenstermacher AFLCMC - Wright-Patterson (BRTRC)
Rex Marshall AFRL - RQ & RY (MacAulay-Brown)
Donna McBroom AFRL - RX & 711 HPW (Peerless Technologies)
Joseph Minior Technology Transition Agent
Mario Rios AFSC - Hill (BRTRC)
Gavin Tovrea AFLCMC - Eglin (BRTRC)
Seth Turnipseed AFSC - Tinker (BRTRC)
Raymond Wells SMC (BRTRC)
Donald Williams JSF (BRTRC)
Michael Williams AFRL - RD & RV & RQOF (Peerless Technologies).
Shelly Leugers RW (Peerless Technologies)

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