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Proposal Instructions & Status

How to Submit Proposals

Offerors must be registered in the Department of Defense's (DoD) electronic submission website at Each proposal must be prepared and submitted through this website and must contain completed:

  • Proposal Cover Sheets
  • Technical Proposal
  • Cost Proposal
  • Company Commercialization Report

Model Phase I Purchase Order (P.O.)

This model purchase order (PO) contains examples of SBIR contractual deliverable requirements (e.g., submission of interim and final scientific and technical reports) as well as Federal Acquisition Regulation contract clauses.


SBIR/STTR Program Rules

Compliance with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program Rules In accordance with Sections 9(f)(1), 9(f)(2)(vii) and 9(f)(2)(viii) of the SBIR and STTR Policy Directives, the Air Force has developed this training to ensure compliance with the eligibility requirements for the SBIR and STTR programs. You must complete this training and attach a signed completion certificate to your proposal. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in your SBIR/STTR proposal being eliminated from consideration, and not evaluated.



All SBIR/STTR Phase I and II awardees must complete this certification document at the following times: Phase I awardees – prior to receipt of final payment; Phase II awardees – prior to receipt of more than half the total contract award amount AND before receipt of final payment.


The following Phase II proposal instructions and Environmental Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) questionnaire are for Phase I awardees submitting a Phase II proposal. All Phase I awardees will be sent a notification with the Phase II proposal due date and instructions for submitting the Phase II proposal through the DoD electronic submission website at If the small business' information for the technical/business points of contact, email address, or mailing address has changed since submission of the Phase I proposal, changes must be provided to the Air Force SBIR/STTR web site administrators at  The Air Force is not responsible for ensuring notification receipt by firms that have not provided updated contact information to this address.     

  • How to Check Your Proposal Status

    The Air Force will notify small businesses via e-mail once their proposal has been received. Please note this may take one to two weeks after the solicitation has closed. The Air Force is not responsible for ensuring email receipt by small businesses that have changed their email addresses since submission of the Phase I Proposal without proper notification.  In order to maintain a current address in the AF SBIR/STTR system's company profile, submit email address changes to promptly. 

    The Air Force has implemented online proposal status updates for small businesses who have submitted proposals against Air Force topics. At the close of the Phase I solicitation – and following the submission of a Phase II via the DoD SBIR/STTR Submission website at – small businesses can track the progress of their proposal submission by logging into the "Small Business" section of this Air Force SBIR/STTR website (accessible via the login panel on the right).  This section is password protected and firms can view their information only.

    To view the status of a proposal submission, click the “Proposal Status” link at the top of the page. A listing of proposal submissions to the Air Force within the last 12 months is displayed. Status update intervals are: Proposal Received, Evaluation Started, Evaluation Completed, Selection Started, and Selection Completed.

    A date will be displayed in the appropriate column indicating when this stage has been completed. If no date is present, the proposal submission has not completed this stage. You are encouraged to check this website often for up-to-date information on your proposal submissions.

    The Air Force receives thousands of proposals during each solicitation and the notification process requires specific steps to be completed prior to a contracting officer distributing this information to a small business. Once the “Selection Completed” date is visible, it may still be a few weeks before you are contacted by the Air Force with a notification of selection or non-selection. 

  • Topic/Award Data


    Please select the area you work within in relation to the SBIR & STTR programs from the menu on the left.