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21st Century Systems, Incorporated  [URL]

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21CSi has been successful in researching and developing SBIR technologies and pipelining them to commercially-viable products and solutions and we have the accolades to show for it. Today, with about 25 employees, we continue our success in taking leading edge technologies through all Phases, generating economic benefit for this nation. As a leader in decision support technologies and solutions-focused research and development, we continue to transform complex operations with automated intelligent software tools and real-time end-to-end solutions that significantly improve data resolution, decision accuracy, and response time.

21st Century Technologies Inc.  [URL]

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Founded in 1999, 21CT researches and develops mathematical-based technologies to achieve order-of-magnitude performance improvement in intelligence, military, and homeland security applications. Core competencies include asymmetric threat detection, predictive planning, 3-dimensional bin-packing, and intelligent search. Specific expertise is in social network analysis, link analysis, subgraph isomorphism detection, data mining, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. 21CT has won several Phase I and Phase II SBIRs with the AF, Navy, Army, DARPA, and DHS with applications in Intrusion Detection and Configured Load-Building Systems.

2M Software Associates  [URL]

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Provide Innovative technologies to foster improved security and efficiency in workflow. We specialize in sophisticated computer modeling and algorithms, statistical techniques, security , and business intelligence to develop innovative solutions in security, bio technology and defense.

2Phase Technologies, Inc.  [URL]

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Custom Manufacturing at the Cost of Mass Production

3 Sigma Research, Inc. 

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3 Sigma Research, Inc. provides information security solutions to commercial and government organizations. Since its beginning, 3 Sigma has performed information security research and development for a number of customers, including for the Air Force Research Laboratory, the National Science Foundation, Northrop Grumman, DARPA, Naval Research Lab, and the OSD. In addition, the company has on-going relationships with academic institutions known for their expertise in information security, including George Mason University, the Center for Secure Information Systems, and the Cyber Security Lab at the Air Force Research Lab. POC:321-674-9267

3dB Labs, Inc.  [URL]

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3dB Labs creates innovative signal processing solutions to challenging technical problems.

3e Technologies International, Inc  [URL]

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3e Technologies International is a leading wireless infrastructure and application company. Founded in December 1995, it is also known as AEPTEC Microsystems, Inc. By successfully commercialize SBIR programs, 3eTI has achieved the following accomplishments: · $180M+ long term SBIR Phase 3 contracts from US government · The first FIPS 140-2 validated layer 2 Access Point (also the first layer 2 Access Point entering Common Criteria NIAP list) · Secure WLAN infrastructure on multiple US Navy ship classes · Wireless monitoring with wireless sensor network in multiple US Navy ship classes

3F, LLC  [URL]

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3F provides research and engineering services for makers and users of technical textiles, advanced composite materials and structures, and their applications. With extensive experience in development of textile and composite materials, their processes and their applications; we support new-product development, reduce cost and shorten the time to market. Design, analysis, prototyping, and testing are all part of what we do.

3rd Millennium, Inc.  [URL]

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3rd Millennium, Inc. is the leading developer of custom software systems for biotech and pharmaceutical research and development. Since 1996, biopharmaceutical organizations as well as academic, non-profit, and governmental institutions have repeatedly enlisted us to design and develop informatics systems which help them achieve their research goals. Our clients benefit from our substantial life science background, informatics expertise, and portfolio of implemented systems, as well as our ability to deploy systems on time and on budget. For more info call us at (781)890-4440.

4DVideo  [URL]

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Image-Based Motion Measurement The use of film and video technology for making mechanical measurements. Custom tracking systems. High speed imaging. Close-range videometrics. Image-based mechanical testing.

4Lambda  [URL]

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4Lambda Inc. is a small business developing advanced radar and communication systems, and metamaterial technologies. The mission of 4Lambda is two fold: a) to develop next generation technologies and transition them to military platforms and commercial wireless industry and b) provide services in product and business development to our customer companies.

5-D Systems Inc.  [URL]

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5-D Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive systems engineering services specializing in unmanned vehicle applications and systems integration for both the defense and commercial industries. We offer the full range of support including requirements definition/allocation, analysis, system design, software devleopment, modeling, prototype development, integration, validation testing, and project management. 5-D differentiates itself by planning and conducting a true systems approach at the program, project, and task level to efficiently produce quality results and provide complete customer satisfaction.

7AC Technologies, Inc.  [URL]

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7AC Technologies develops Ultra Efficient Liquid Desiccant HVAC retrofit systems for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) buildings, delivering a 50%+ reduction in energy costs over conventional HVAC. Harnessing waste heat or solar thermal heat results in 75%+ energy savings. Our technology can be used for both existing and new construction and requires no infrastructure modifications nor specialized installation skills. We provide dehumidification and cooling as well as humidification and heating in an integrated system. We deliver superior performance in installation, reliability and cost while setting a new benchmark for energy efficiency.

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