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Program Overview

SBIR/STTR Program Primer – Whether you are a visitor or a SBIR veteran, take the time to review the Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Basics presentation recently developed and posted to our Publications library. You’ll find this informative and valuable briefing under the SBIR/STTR Outreach section. If you have any questions please contact us at

our goal

The principal goal of the Air Force SBIR/STTR programs is to serve the technology needs of the Air Force warfighter. These programs, together with the people who manage them, accomplish this as part of the Air Force's technology development efforts to identify and provide advanced, affordable, and integrated technologies that keep our Air Force the best in the world.

The Air Force Research Laboratory has been assigned the execution authority for the SBIR and STTR programs by the office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

The Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Manager is responsible for:

  • Establishing the program schedule
  • Requesting and collecting topics for the Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR Program Solicitations
  • Allocating the number of topics among the Program Executive Officers, AFRL Technology Directorates (TDs), Air Force Sustainment Center, Air Force Test Center, and Product Centers
  • Managing and allocating funds to the AFRL TDs and Centers
  • Creating and maintaining the Air Force SBIR/STTR database
  • Coordinating outreach and marketing efforts nationwide
  • Responding to small business inquiries

About This web Site

This web site is maintained under the guidance of the Air Force SBIR/STTR program manager, located within AFRL headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.  We strive to provide current and viable information and resources for our stakeholders and we welcome your feedback

The site is designed for all SBIR/STTR stakeholders, including small businesses, Air Force and other government acquisition agencies, prime contractors and major subcontractors, companies that facilitate investment and partnering arrangements, and companies that are interested in private-sector applications for SBIR/STTR dual-use technologies.

A key element of the web site is the "Topic/Award Data Search" described in greater detail below. By making SBIR/STTR technology and marketing information easier to find, the Topic/Award Data Search can facilitate opportunities for commercialization and partnering arrangements.

Visitors will also find information on current news and upcoming SBIR/STTR related events. Small businesses who are new to the program will benefit from the Phase I roadmap and resources. Our Commercialization page details the Commercialization Readiness Program (CRP). Additionally, our Publications page includes various materials including our award winning Advantage newsletter as well as success stories highlighting the Innovation and Transition achievements of our SBIR/STTR awardees.

Topic/Award Data Search

The Topic/Award Data Search is driven by SBIR/STTR technologies managed by the Air Force, including any SBIR/STTR programs administered by the Air Force for other DoD offices. The intent of the tool is to provide an electronic forum to facilitate the commercialization of SBIR/STTR technologies and the development of partnering arrangements among prime contractors and small businesses, as well as other business-to-business relationships.

The Topic/Award Data Search is organized in a relational database format that allows customers to browse award records by firm, DoD technical area, government office, and state. In addition, users can search for keywords or phrases (e.g., "sensor," "heat transfer surface"). The foundation of the tool consists of summary reports, success stories, and SBIR/STTR award abstracts that are based upon the following distinctions:

  • Phase I Award Abstract -  This abstract is prepared at the time of the Phase I contractual award.
  • Phase II Award Abstract - This abstract is prepared at the time of the Phase II contractual award.
  • Phase II Summary Report - A Phase II summary report describes a SBIR/STTR technology that has advanced beyond a Phase I feasibility study into what is normally a two-year developmental process. Phase II summary reports provide a tool for prospective buyers and partners to evaluate commercialization opportunities, including possible spin-offs to related technological needs. Recent-year Phase II awards will have both interim and final Phase II Summary Reports.
  • Success Story - - These stories are published to illustrate the impact of the SBIR/STTR investments, provide exposure for the company, inspire more businesses to participate and encourage acquisition professionals to utilize the program. Success Stories span five categories, covering SBIR/STTR technology from early stages to commercial transition.
  • Summary Report - Summary reports are written by small business firms and submitted via the Small Business area of the website (log-in required, see below).  By contrast, a candidate SBIR/STTR success story may be initiated by the small businesses, provided directly by the Air Force technical point of contact, submitted by the respective SBIR/STTR program manager, or initiated by another Air Force or DoD office (e.g., a system program office).

website Membership and Activity

A small business automatically becomes an Air Force SBIR/STTR website member once it receives a Phase I or Phase II SBIR/STTR award. Small business firms with R&D competencies, which are registered on the DoD SBIR/STTR registration site, may also become part of the Air Force SBIR/STTR website's Small Business Search (see instructions concerning how to submit a Firm Profile for the Small Business Search).

Multiple success story and summary report entries, on older as well as more recent awards, reflect a firm’s strong interest in marketing its SBIR/STTR technologies.

If you have any questions about Air Force SBIR/STTR website membership and activity, contact the Air Force SBIR/STTR web site manager. Other sources for assistance may be found on the Contact Us and SBIR/STTR Points of Contact web pages.

Topic/Award Data


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