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SBIR Road Tour Rolls On

The inaugural leg of the 2015 SBIR Road Tour through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina was a great success for the Air Force as well as the SBA, other SBIR agencies and hundreds of small businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers who participated. The tour kicked off with a ribbon cutting by SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet and wound its way through several southern states delivering program information, assistance and face-to-face networking opportunities. The SBIR Road Tour continues through the spring and summer making stops in a total of 20 under-served states as identified by the SBA.
April 9
Fargo, ND
April 27 – May 1
Long Beach, MI
Ruston, LA
Oklahoma City, OK
Wichita, KS
Columbia, MO
The SBIR Road Tour is a national outreach effort. Federal and state program managers representing over $2.5 billion in funding have been invited to participate in this series of cross-country events. Additional tours are planned throughout the year to include stops in Mississippi, Kansas, North Dakota, West Virginia, Washington, Nebraska and many other states. Continue to visit this website for up to date details on our participation. Information on registration, venues and agendas will be posted on the SBIR Road Tour website (above) as they become available.

Other Outreach Events

In 2015 we will continue our outreach to small businesses, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders across the country, including the National SBIR/STTR Conference. We also will continue to engage in under-served states and with disadvantaged businesses/individuals. We also plan to participate in several online webinars with other DoD components. Our schedule is subject to change, so please contact us for current information.

Tech Success

The Air Force and Texas Research Institute (TRI), a small business partner located in Austin, Texas, developed an innovative, high-temperature, abrasion-resistant coating product that could directly improve the reliability and maintainability of weapon systems across the Air Force, including the F-35.   

TRI’s innovative high-temperature and abrasion-resistant coating protects areas near the engine. (Courtesy photo)

Abrasion-resistant, camouflage coatings are often used to protect composite surfaces of aircraft, particularly when blade seals are in contact with a composite surface. These coatings are typically thin and usually spray- applied. Existing products often experience some degradation in performance and color over time, especially when exposed to high temperatures, and can cause extensive damage to the underlying composite substrate. When a coating wears prematurely, it also causes an unscheduled maintenance burden to repair or strip and recoat the area. If the degradation is not discovered in time, damage to the underlying aircraft section can occur.

"This is roughly a 2,000 percent improvement in the average time between coating failures and directly addresses a current F-35 need", said Maj George Woodworth, the Air Force Research Laboratory SBIR project manager. "We anticipate that the new material will provide the program an estimated $14 million in life-cycle cost savings." Read this and other SBIR/STTR success stories in our Publications library. 

Solicitation status

See our Solicitation Schedule for information on Air Force solicitations. Also see the DoD Solicitations for instructions and additional guidance on topic selections for all of the military services.

 If you are new to the Air Force SBIR/STTR program be sure to review the guidelines and other valuable information on our Phase I Awardee Training page in the Small Business section. We appreciate your feedback on this training:  If you have any comments or need further assistance, please send us an e-mail.

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